Christopher H. Fox
Executive Director

Elaine R. Balizet
Receptionist / Administrative Assistant

Heidi Chapman
Executive Assistant

Erika T. Duffy
Membership Benefits Coordinator

Christopher Flow
Membership E-Benefits Coordinator

Tess B. Gowei
Accounting Manager

Sheri S. Herren
Strategic Programs Manager

Lily B. Knol
Editorial Assistant

Carolyn Mullen
Director of Government Affairs

Marissa E. Esguerra
Senior Manager, Membership Value

Carman O'Quinn
Exhibits, Sponsorship & Meetings Manager

Pooja Gurung Rajbhandari
Meetings Coordinator

Tonya L. Robertson
Senior Accountant

Kourtney Skinner
Senior Manager, Publications & Abstracts

Denise S. Streszoff
Associate Executive Director

Ingrid L. Thomas
Marketing & Communications Manager

R. Darin Walsh
Senior Director of Finance & IT

Leslie Zeck
Director of Meetings


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